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Q: How often should I change the filters in my HVAC system?

A: We recommend checking the filter monthly; if it looks dirty, change it. Filters should be changed a minimum of once every three months.

Q: Do you work on all types of equipment?

A: Yes- we work on any commercial or industrial equipment but do not do any household or residential work.

Q: How often should I delime my steamer?

A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. The answer is not simple. Scale forms and causes problems for steamers very quickly. Descaling should be often and thorough enough to keep the scale from building up in the steamer. Contact us for more info or to set up a steamer descaling program.

Q: Why are there so many refrigerants and why are they so expensive?

A: Because some of the old inexpensive refrigerants (R-12, etc) did so much environmental damage, world leaders got together and decided to phase out their use. As newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerants were developed, the costs of these newer products was higher than we were used to. Ozone depletion, the main reason for the new refrigerants is not the only problem. There are also issues with refrigerants causing global warming, so again newer products that areĀ  safer for the environment are being developed. Contact us if you need an evaluation of what refrigerants you should be using.